technical office

Risso technical office is based in Sanremo and has been offering integrated civil engineering and architecture services since 1987.


The firm deals indiscriminately with renovation and recovery projects, conversion, expansion and construction from scratch and is therefore able to satisfy every type of need for both public and private clients, having professionals who have formed, over time, a solid experience in the field of civil engineering and geotechnics, as well as architecture and urban planning.

The technicians have the qualifications for the profession of architect and engineer that offer the possibility to work indiscriminately between Italy, France and Monaco, countries in which they have numerous projects, both public and private.
The organization of the studio is simple, agile and flexible, aimed at solving complex problems using the specialist knowledge of the team members, made up of engineers and architects.
The interdisciplinarity of the staff guarantees an advanced knowledge of Italian and French regulations, both in terms of urban planning and structural aspects, which allows the drafting of projects that optimize the customers’ needs in the context of the intervention, guiding them in the choice of the most convenient solution to their necessities and offering performance and functional quality.
The staff members speak several languages, which allows users to be able to interact directly with people who speak Italian, French, English, Russian, Spanish or Bulgarian without the need for interpreters.
These aspects, combined with experience, allow immediate operativity already in the setting phase of the work, which is followed by the technical consultancy phase, the structural or architectural design, the administrative practice and the direction of the works, which for years have been the main activities of the firm.


Gian Marco Risso

Civil Engineer


Maurizio Risso

Construction Engineer – Architect

il team

Maura Fratini


Fabio Martini

Civil Engineer

Anna Tsareva

Construction Engineer

Marco Antollini

Civil and environmental Engineer junior

Desislava Petrova